You can already sign up your kids for the summer camp.
There will be 4 weeks. Note that camps will run with a minimum of 3 children and up to 6 children.
  • DATES : Monday 4th to Friday 8th of July ; 

    (1 spot available)

    •  Monday 11th to Friday 15th of July ; 

      (2 spots available)

    •  Monday 8th to Friday 12th of August ; 
    •  Monday 15th to Friday 19th of August.
  • PLACE : Camps will take place in our “arcade l’art et la matière” Rue de Candolle 6 next to parc des Bastions.
  • PLANNING : The day will start at 9am . workshops, breaks, lunch time, play time in the parc will run the day until 5pm. It will be done accordingly to the age of the participants.
  • PROJECTS : Here are the choices for the week : 
  • A bench
  • A boat
  • A bat house
  • A crossbow
  • An insect hotel
  • A candle holder
  • A train
  • You can also ask for a specific project.
Multiple projects can be made during the week.
  • FEES : 100 chf per day et 400 chf per week (Monday to Friday). 
  • Don’t forget the lunch !
  • Les petits bricoloswill provide drinks and snacks.
We look forward to take care of your children in our workshops and we are going to make sure they won’t forget the camp with the experience and learning skills they will have.

Workshop for adults on Monday from 6.30pm to ...

At least 2 hours workshop to make what you want.

Come and learn how to use tools, to make things yourself and repair broken items.

Why buying and throwing away when you can build and repair yourself.

Don’t buy something self made, do it yourself.

80chf/session, abonnement available.

Good mood every time.

Parent-children workshop

Wednesday from 1.30pm to 3pm

DOing an activity WHITH your child. Make your own furnitures, games, presents…

DO IT YOURSELF, TOGETHER, yes you can, subsribe now.

Every wednesday upon registration

60CHF/session, for more ask for a price. 

Welcome to Woodwork !

Discover “les petits bricolos”; wood workshops where kids come to create, use their hands and solve problems.

They will be learning by doing, enjoying the creative process, and learning skills last a lifetime.

From 4 to 18 years old, the workshop is done in a safe and friendly environment.

Our “petits bricolos” can make pretty much anything they wish to build, we will be there to guide them towards their goals, and at the end they will be amazed when they see what they have achieved.


Who teaches the classes?

Maluen Prunier  called « Malou » by the kids is the founder of  “les petits bricolos”.

As a kid he learned a lot with his dad who was an avid woodworker and all-round handyman. Being the eldest of a family of 5 children, he quickly found out that looking after kids/teenagers would be a large part of his life.

After receiving a degree in Sports Education and travelling the world extensively, he came to Geneva in 2013 where he has worked in schools and afterschool clubs with students from 4-18  years old.

In 2017, he started to offer wood workshops in schools and in community centers, where he realized that there is a large desire to get back to practical skills that have been otherwise replaced by technology.

Today, many parents and children/teens see the immense value of learning practical skills like woodworking and are excited to put their phones down and enjoy learning a lost art.


Café La Julienne Plan les ouates / Rue de Candolle 6, 1205 Genève