Join us for our summer camp

Reception and collection of your children will be from 8.30am to 9am and from 5pm to 5.30pm.
The children will be participating to 3 hours woodcrafting and 3 hours activities where they will be able to try the games they have built and do other activities such as Orientiering, Spike ball, Froissartage (building things with wood and rope only), Ultimate freesbee…
For Lunchtime a chill moment will take place in the nice park of be les Bastions. Lunch has to be provided by the children.
Prices : 100chf per day (discount for families) and 400chf for the week.
Only 12 spaces available.
2 groups of children from 5 to 17 years old will be done.
Please let us know as soon as possible if you want to save a place.

Welcome to Woodwork !

Discover “les petits bricolos”; wood workshops where kids come to create, use their hands and solve problems.

They will be learning by doing, enjoying the creative process, and learning skills last a lifetime.

From 4 to 18 years old, the workshop is done in a safe and friendly environment.

Our “petits bricolos” can make pretty much anything they wish to build, we will be there to guide them towards their goals, and at the end they will be amazed when they see what they have achieved.


Who teaches the classes?

Maluen Prunier  called « Malou » by the kids is the founder of  “les petits bricolos”.

As a kid he learned a lot with his dad who was an avid woodworker and all-round handyman. Being the eldest of a family of 5 children, he quickly found out that looking after kids/teenagers would be a large part of his life.

After receiving a degree in Sports Education and travelling the world extensively, he came to Geneva in 2013 where he has worked in schools and afterschool clubs with students from 4-18  years old.

In 2017, he started to offer wood workshops in schools and in community centers, where he realized that there is a large desire to get back to practical skills that have been otherwise replaced by technology.

Today, many parents and children/teens see the immense value of learning practical skills like woodworking and are excited to put their phones down and enjoy learning a lost art.